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DMP Corporation – Wastewater Treatment

DMP Corporation

Within 45 years, DMP Corporation has established itself as leader of designing and developing industrial wastewater treatment solutions for a wide variety of industries. DMP Corporation is able to adapt to evolving regulations and standards while providing a high quality service.

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DEC Group – Powder Handling

About DEC Group

DEC Group was established in 1987 and became a leading global provider of powder handling systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. DEC custom designs high quality modular solutions to seamlessly integrate into existing complex processes.

DEC Group has solutions for:

  • Transferring
  • Filling
  • Emptying
  • Dosing
  • Blending
  • Sampling
  • Micronizing
  • Milling
  • Isolation Technology


The PTS Powder Transfer System is a contained transfer system with a wide range of applications in addition to reactor charging.  With the use of vacuum and pressure, the PTS can effectively move powders as if they were liquid. This reliable transfer system is capable of dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules.


DEC Group’s PTS-Feeder offers a single step solution to emptying process equipment and filling bags, drums, and big bags with accuracy. The discharge of the Feeder is effected by vibration and accurate dosing is guaranteed by an adjustable piston valve at the outlet. This device discharges most equipment into a wide range of different types of packaging, proving particularly effective when space above or below the equipment is limited. The PTS-Feeder is highly flexible and mobile, which allows for simple integration into existing processes. With the use of the one step PTS-Feeder, there is not a need for conventional feed hoppers and intermediate silos.


The Batchmixer provides ultimate speed and flexibility while reducing overall process times compared to traditional systems. Operators of the Batchmixer are able to mix powders with different characteristics in a contained environment. This system is beneficial for pharmaceutical applications where active substances must be handled without contamination or changes to physical properties. 

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About GEA

GEA is an international technology group that focuses on process technology, components and sustainable energy solutions for advanced production processes in a variety of industries. Seventy percent of the company’s revenue is sourced from the food and beverage sector and is the largest suppliers of food processing solutions worldwide.

  • One third of chicken nuggets are produced with GEA technology.
  • Every other liter of beer is brewed with the help of systems and process solutions from GEA.

Innovative Solutions


  • Dryers & Particle Processing Plants
    • These systems are applied in the production of a wide range of products. These systems are useful in creating product that is powder, granulate, or an agglomerated product.
  • Evaporators & Crystallizes 
    • Evaporation and crystallization plants are required whenever water or any other solvent has to be removed, concentration has to be increased or volume reduced, valuable and pure crystals have to be produced, by-products or impurities have to be stripped or precipitated.
  • Membrane Filtration Systems 
    • Cross-flow membrane filtration is used in applications that require the separation or concentration of products without the application of heat. Applications throughout the food and starch and sweetener industries benefit from this technology.

Featured Products

  •  Spray Dryer
    • GEA Spray Dryers are made custom to meet specific requirements set by the customer. The Mobile Minor is multi-purpose,  small scale spray dryer, which is perfect for testing and exploring the possibilities of spray drying. There are five types of the Mobile Minor to assist in accommodating each customers’  specific requirements.
  • Falling Film Evaporator
  • Batch Formula Mixer
    • This mixer uses vacuum power to introduce ingredients below the surface of liquid to emulsify instantly.  The Batch Formula Mixer is able to totally drain between batches to reduce waste, minimize product loss, and speed up cleaning.

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Barriquand – Platular® Smart Hybrid Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Barriquand Platular® Plate Heat Exchangers

The Barriquand Platular® Plate Heat Exchangers’s thermal performance and minimal temperature approach is appropriate for exchanges on difficult, viscous fluids or fluids charged with suspended materials. This heat exchanger is also fitting for the condensation of vapor under vacuum as well as prolonged exchanges.

Barriquand calls The Platular®, “The most flexible counter flow heat exchanger on the market” due to its compact size and various functions.

The Platular® has the ability to facilitate all types of heat exchange (counter flow heat exchanger in general):

  • Liquid / liquid
  • Loaded liquids
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Interchanger
  • Reboiler
  • Steam heater
  • Gas / gas (incl. air to air heat exchanger)
  • Gas / liquid
  • Air / water
  • Overhead reflux condensers

Barriquand’s Platular® Heat Exchanger is available in a few types:

  • For applications utilizing dirty fluids, the Type X provides savings on cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • The first generation of Platular® heat exchangers, the Type IJS, was introduced in the sixties.
  • Type PCV is an extremely robust unit with high thermal performance.

Cleaning a Platular® Heat Exchanger

The Platular® heat exchanger was designed for easy maintenance and a reduction in maintenance costs.

  • The corrugated plates in this model increases turbulence with local vibrations of the fluid’s speed. These plates permit chemically cleaning without having to open the unit.
  • For simple maintenance, the Platular® was designed with a lack of of gaskets at the exchange surface level. The only gaskets are flat gaskets on the door and do not need to be changed at each opening.
  • The units are equipped with hinged doors which allows for the Platular® to be opened rapidly in order to perform mechanical cleaning with high-pressure cleaners. This process is typically performed during plant shutdowns.

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