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Silverson Machines Receives Multiple Awards

PHOTO CAPTION: From left to right: Nicola Ryall, Chair of Chiltern Chamber of Commerce, Harold Rothman, CEO, Silverson Machines, and David Rothman, Sales Director, Silverson Machines.

Silverson Machines Receives Multiple Awards

Recognized for excellence in business, exports and training

CHESHAM, U.K. (November 12, 2019) — Silverson Machines Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial, high-shear mixing equipment, recently received several accolades for contributions to its local community and beyond. The company was recognized for its apprentice training program and excellence in manufacturing, and also achieved finalist status for a national manufacturing award for its export practices. This trifecta of recognition testifies to Silverson’s high standards in its business dealings and the company’s commitment to training future generations of highly skilled engineers.

Silverson received two local awards; the first for its leadership in business and entrepreneurial vision, the second for its apprenticeship program. While Silverson previously achieved finalist status for its apprentice program, this is the first year the company was honored with the prize. Silverson started its apprentice program in 2014. The traditional five-year indentured apprenticeship in mechanical engineering combines practical training with study for a recognized qualification. The first apprentice to complete the program now works on the shop floor as a fully-qualified engineer in one of the specialized departments at Silverson. Two more apprentices from the program’s second year will complete their course of study and training early next year.

Silverson also was recognized for its achievements in international trade through the Manufacturing MX Awards, the U.K.’s largest and most rigorous industry awards program. This award recognizes a company, which through its export business, has been able to: increase international sales; demonstrate a commitment to expanding international business; and demonstrate the value and contribution of exporting to the future of the business. Nearly 50 top manufacturers in the United Kingdom made it to the finals, vying for the top award of Manufacturer of the Year. The awards presentation is scheduled for November 14, during Digital Manufacturing Week, which celebrates the best of British industry.

Harold Rothman, CEO, Silverson Machines said, “We’re grateful for the recognition for our business practices and our commitment to our local community. First off, the future of any business lies within the next generation.  We intend to continue and hopefully expand our internship and training opportunities for the best and brightest young people who possess the initiative, drive, curiosity and passion for learning that will help them succeed. In terms of our business practices, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and integrity. Our greatest achievement lies in helping our customers attain their goals.”

About Silverson Machines

For more than 70 years, Silverson has been helping the world’s largest manufacturers solve their most difficult mixing challenges. Silverson specializes in the manufacture of top quality high shear mixers for the processing industries. Silverson has become the industry leader in the development of high shear mixing solutions and innovations through its professionalism and dedication to customer service, as well as, through an advanced understanding of applications and process development.

Customers in more than 150 countries are a testament to Silverson’s market advantage. Whether it’s a mixer from Silverson’s established range or a custom-designed unit, time after time, companies specify Silverson mixers as “standard” equipment for their manufacturing process.

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How to Disperse Fumed Silica with Silverson Machines

Fumed Silica, well known by its trade names Aerosil® and Cab-o-sil®, is very difficult to disperse for a number of reasons. The powder is extremely low density so tends to float on the surface of the liquid base.

Conventional mixers and stirrers aren’t capable of rapidly incorporating the powder and activating its thickening effect so formulations often contain excessive amounts of Fumed Silica to compensate for this.

Due to the fineness of the powder, dusting can also cause problems. The high shear action of a Silverson Machines, Inc. mixer can solve these problems while also improving your product quality, stability and mixing times.

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Silverson Lab Mixers- Graphene Research

Silverson Laboratory Mixers Are At The Forefront Of Graphene Research

A leading university recently placed an order for (13) Silverson Laboratory mixers for their new graphene center. The new facility will help accelerate graphene commercialization.  Graphene is a two-dimensional material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure one million times thinner than a sheet of paper. It is the strongest known material – 200 times stronger than steel, it is highly conductive of both heat and electricity, and yet lightweight and flexible, making it a desirable material for use in many industries including aerospace, engineering, digital electronics, bio-medicines, transport and energy.

Graphene was first isolated from graphite in 2004 using a sticky tape method – removing flakes from a piece of graphite using a piece of sticky tape. By repeatedly separating the graphite fragments, flakes just one atom thick were created. Although this method is still used in laboratories it cannot be replicated on a larger scale, and research into ways of isolating graphene in sufficient amounts to be commercially viable has been ongoing for some years. A process called exfoliation, which is the high shear mixing of graphite in a suitable solvent, has been proven to isolate small but significant amounts of graphene.

Silverson mixers have the high shear necessary to reduce the graphite down to usable defect-free graphene, and the equipment has been used by many of the leading researchers due to the ease of scale up from the laboratory mixers to larger production models. Subsequently Silverson have already sold mixers to research establishments all over the world for this application.  The Model L5M-A Sealed Unit, L5M-A standard unit, and the Model AX5, each with a full range of work-heads, is useful equipment for this research work.

L5M-A Sealed Unit

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IPEC – Integrated Process Engineers & Constructors, Inc.


Integrated Process Engineers & Constructions, Inc., also known as IPEC, has been providing a wide range of custom modular process systems and components for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, dairy, chemical, and biofuel industries since 1996.  IPEC designs and fabricates complex systems from start to finish.

Featured Projects

CESCO was involved in a Media & Buffer Prep System project with IPEC for a large pharmaceutical company. Above are pictures of the final system during the Factory Acceptance Test.

From left to right: Yogurt Blending Skid, Yogurt Blending Skid, Sour Cream Blending Skid

By utilizing flow meters, positive displacement pumps, control values, static mixers and other process sensors, IPEC is able to design and construct blending systems to incorporate ingredients into a continuous product stream. Ingredients can be supplied from totes or skid-mounted vessels while instrumentation and mechanical components work together to blend ingredients dynamically and accurately to user-defined ratios and production rates. Integrated CIP capabilities, product recovery (pigging) systems, and alternating ingredient vessels (for continuous production) are available.

IPEC recently delivered Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF) and Virus Filtration systems to a pharmaceutical client. The customer came to IPEC with desired production rates and preferred 3rd party filtration technologies, and asked that IPEC assist with process development.


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DEC Group – Powder Handling

About DEC Group

DEC Group was established in 1987 and became a leading global provider of powder handling systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. DEC custom designs high quality modular solutions to seamlessly integrate into existing complex processes.

DEC Group has solutions for:

  • Transferring
  • Filling
  • Emptying
  • Dosing
  • Blending
  • Sampling
  • Micronizing
  • Milling
  • Isolation Technology


The PTS Powder Transfer System is a contained transfer system with a wide range of applications in addition to reactor charging.  With the use of vacuum and pressure, the PTS can effectively move powders as if they were liquid. This reliable transfer system is capable of dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules.


DEC Group’s PTS-Feeder offers a single step solution to emptying process equipment and filling bags, drums, and big bags with accuracy. The discharge of the Feeder is effected by vibration and accurate dosing is guaranteed by an adjustable piston valve at the outlet. This device discharges most equipment into a wide range of different types of packaging, proving particularly effective when space above or below the equipment is limited. The PTS-Feeder is highly flexible and mobile, which allows for simple integration into existing processes. With the use of the one step PTS-Feeder, there is not a need for conventional feed hoppers and intermediate silos.


The Batchmixer provides ultimate speed and flexibility while reducing overall process times compared to traditional systems. Operators of the Batchmixer are able to mix powders with different characteristics in a contained environment. This system is beneficial for pharmaceutical applications where active substances must be handled without contamination or changes to physical properties. 

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Barriquand – Platular® Smart Hybrid Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Barriquand Platular® Plate Heat Exchangers

The Barriquand Platular® Plate Heat Exchangers’s thermal performance and minimal temperature approach is appropriate for exchanges on difficult, viscous fluids or fluids charged with suspended materials. This heat exchanger is also fitting for the condensation of vapor under vacuum as well as prolonged exchanges.

Barriquand calls The Platular®, “The most flexible counter flow heat exchanger on the market” due to its compact size and various functions.

The Platular® has the ability to facilitate all types of heat exchange (counter flow heat exchanger in general):

  • Liquid / liquid
  • Loaded liquids
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Interchanger
  • Reboiler
  • Steam heater
  • Gas / gas (incl. air to air heat exchanger)
  • Gas / liquid
  • Air / water
  • Overhead reflux condensers

Barriquand’s Platular® Heat Exchanger is available in a few types:

  • For applications utilizing dirty fluids, the Type X provides savings on cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • The first generation of Platular® heat exchangers, the Type IJS, was introduced in the sixties.
  • Type PCV is an extremely robust unit with high thermal performance.

Cleaning a Platular® Heat Exchanger

The Platular® heat exchanger was designed for easy maintenance and a reduction in maintenance costs.

  • The corrugated plates in this model increases turbulence with local vibrations of the fluid’s speed. These plates permit chemically cleaning without having to open the unit.
  • For simple maintenance, the Platular® was designed with a lack of of gaskets at the exchange surface level. The only gaskets are flat gaskets on the door and do not need to be changed at each opening.
  • The units are equipped with hinged doors which allows for the Platular® to be opened rapidly in order to perform mechanical cleaning with high-pressure cleaners. This process is typically performed during plant shutdowns.

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Extend the Performance of Alfa Laval Equipment

Alfa Laval’s Service Network

Alfa Laval’s service network is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable workers to assist in minimizing cost and maximizing return on your company’s equipment investment. With the use of Alfa Laval’s service network, companies are able to utilize their equipment for as long as they desire. The Alfa Laval Service Network prevents unplanned interruptions, promotes operation efficiency, and adapts to unique challenges.

360° Service Portfolio

Alfa Laval’s 360° Service Portfolio offers support for all stages of the equipment’s lifecycle;– from planning, installation and commissioning to advice on the best replacement if the time comes. The company provides a variety of services that match your company’s needs. Alfa Laval’s global service network follows guidelines that ensure quality, safety and minimized environmental impact.


Benefits of Reconditioning your Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger include:

  • An extension in life time
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Ensures safety, quality, and productivity
  • Satisfy new environmental legislation by improving energy efficiency.

Alfa Laval Parts

By utilizing genuine Alfa Laval parts, you can maximize the uptime of your equipment. Alfa Laval spare parts are designed for durability, reliability, and productivity. Using non-Alfa Laval parts could put your property, equipment, workers, and the environmental at risk.

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Allegheny Bradford Opti-Clean S™ Single-Round Drainable Filter Housings

The Opti-Clean Single-Round Drainable Filter Housing from Allegheny Bradford is 97% more drain-able than the industry standard sanitary single-round filter housings. These 316L filter housings are ideal for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, dairy, beverage, and chemical.

The Opti-Clean  S™ features:

  • In-Line and T-Style options
  • Accepts Code 0 or Code 7 filters
  • “Universal” tapered code 7 lock- accepts most code 7 elements
  • Comprehensive documentation package

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The Next Generation of Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers

CESCO just completed a webinar with partner, Alfa Laval Inc., to learn about the next generation plate heat exchangers that Alfa Laval is launching.  Modern features include:

  • The CurveFlow™ distribution area – Improves media flow and minimizes risk of fouling
  • The ClipGrip™ gasket design – Ensures perfect seal and trouble-free maintenance
  • The five-point alignment system – Secures reliable performance with easy serviceability thanks to perfect positioning
  • The OmegaPort™ noncircular inlet and outlet – Enhances media flow and thermal efficiency
  • Offset gasket grooves – Ensures plate utilization for maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • The T-bar roller design – Provides a lower unit that is easy to service
  • The PowerArc™ optimized plate pattern divider – Improves plate rigidity for longer lifetime
  • Bearing Boxes – Guarantees an easy-to-open unit for smoother, more efficient maintenance

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EKATO Agitators


CESCO’s partner EKATO, is the leader for technology in design, engineering, manufacturing and development of industrial agitators, reactors, mechanical seals as well as vacuum process mixers and dryers and process plants since 1933. The German company provides high quality, cost effective mixing technology solution that is designed for each customers specific application.

Industrial Agitators EM

EKATO EM agitators are designed for a wide range of volumes and pressurized or unpressurized vessels. The unit can either be directly driven by a motor or together with a gearbox. A connection of the motor via IEC-adapter or a gear motor are also possible. The shaft can either be sealed by a mechanical seal or other seal types.

Compact Agitators FD

The compact EKATO agitators FD, KD and HWL-A are designed for open vessels as well as those that have a low pressure. Their robust design and excellent smoothness when operating make them extremely reliable, even when mixing media with high solid contents. Further advantages are the low overall height and the modular design which ensure maintenance at low cost and an easy modification of the agitator, if necessary.

Rapid Response Program

The two agitators listed above are eligible for EKATO’s Rapid Response Program. This program is cost effective for the customer and cuts down lead time down to less than 4 weeks. Your custom agitator will be assembled locally in America.


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